Co-Flow Jet Rigid Wind Sails: A Technology Transforming Wind Ship Propulsion.  

Mission: We are  developing the unique and superior  co-flow jet(CFJ) rigid wind sails technology to transform marine shipping industry. Our stationary CFJ cylinders originated from aerospace technology harness ultra-high propulsive power from wind to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emission of all marine ships.

Who we are

We are a  group of passionate people who are driven by the ability to promote changes and bring a new technological revolution to maritime markets. With a mindset geared towards the limitless possibilities of the company's technology and people, we see a world with different distances and weights that can bring about a different balance in global interaction.

Our vision

With its revolutionary approach to aerodynamics, CFJ technology  will not only substantially decrease  the fossil fuel consumption for all marine ships, but also for other  transportation modes such as aviation. It will  reduce the cost of people's travel and shipping  goods, increase energy generation efficiency from hydro and wind turbines, and even enable extra-planetary flight and energy generation on Mars and others. We see the future closer and brighter.

Together, we make the world better!

What we do

Our current application is focused on CoFlow Jet wind sails for cargo ships with the target of 20%-50% fuel reduction for large cargo ships, and 60%-90% fuel reduction for small and mid-size cargo ships. With a proprietary technology and design, we have developed a solution with superior performance that can be used in maritime, aerospace, energy, and other sectors. The development of this technology was supported by DARPA, NASA, NSF, Air force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), Army Research Office (ARO), CIRA and Emil Buehler Perpetual Trust. Contact us

Technical Characteristics

  • 20%~50% fuel reduction for large cargo ships.
  • Propulsive power increase > 100%.
  • Ultra-high thrust (>2X) at all speeds, CL ≥ 15.
  • Full wind power for mid-size cargo ships.
  • Simple system with no rotating parts.
  • Compact for all ship sizes.
  • Very low power required.
  • Low cost of manufacturing/maintenance. .
  • Retrofitting. .
  • Ideal for full electric ships.